1. Our low light and unobtrusive style which allows you, your family, and your guests to enjoy the day without the annoying disruptions that other companies impose. Unexpected shots revealing emotion, reaction, and detail as part of your wedding day story!

  2. Latest Digital equipment incorporating 3chip cameras and the experience and talent to use it to benefit you!

  3. Many editing options, including Classic Black and White, page turning and other special effects!

  4. Over two decades of experience and reliability.

  5. We are familiar with most non-religious, religious and ethnic traditions/ceremonies.

  6. Our only business is photography and video (no DJ's, limos, flowers, etc.) so you benefit by knowing that you are using specialists who devote their full time to creating the finest wedding videos.
Transfer your video to DVD:

Preserve your memories on a digital disc with superior picture resolution and convenient navigating features. On your Deluxe DVD, images and names are beautifully integrated into the screen graphics. Just point and click to immediately access your favorite scenes!

Wedding video testimony:

"Thank you for the huge day you put in on our wedding day. The video is wonderful - it was great to watch the whole day again. You managed to catch all those special moments so well. We will recommend you to others."

Sonja and Marco Masia